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MAN Truck – Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) optimizer

MAN Truck

Reduce your truck operating costs with MAN

How expensive a truck is to buy is an important factor to consider when it comes to making a decision whether to actually get one or not. But in order to run a successful business it's important that an overall price reflects long term efficiency. The buyer needs to know that the initial investment is just the beginning of the spend and plan for the running costs of the truck too. The truck running costs or what we at MAN call the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) are now calculable. Total Cost of Ownership is a method of calculating the cost of running a truck. It takes into account every single expense incurred throughout the ownership of the truck. From the petrol you put in the tank to the tires you replace. In this way it gives a more accurate appraisal of how expensive your truck will be in the long term. TCO begins when you first buy a truck and ends when you sell it or bring it to the scrapyard. For drivers and companies interested in reducing truck running costs, a TCO analysis can tell them exactly how expensive their truck will be right down to the single kilometre.

The TCO-Optimizer from MAN is a quick and simple tool to calculate operating costs. It's also extremely reliable. The online calculator works by including all the relevant factors that can cause truck owners more expense after the initial purchase. This comprehensive system is a must for any efficient business. Here you can find out how MAN are helping drivers to effectively reduce their costs and take full advantage of the many savings a TCO analysis provides.

How do I calculate the TCO of a truck?

The TCO-Optimizer from MAN offers you two distinct options. Option number one deals with buying the truck and option number two deals with leasing the truck. Regardless of the scenario, the outcome is the same: truck running costs. The computer takes many different factors into account when dealing with both options. Those factors can include the original purchase price of the truck, the expected running life of the truck, the truck's fuel consumption and the various administration, staff and driver costs that go along with operating a truck or a truck fleet. The more detailed information you can provide at this stage, the more accurate the reading. When you have completed these steps the TCO-Optimizer will provide you with a practical analysis that can show you the cost, right down to every kilometer, of owning or leasing a truck.

How to identify savings opportunities and how to use them

The TCO-Optimizer is not the only service MAN has developed for truck owners and leasers. MAN Solutions and MAN Features have both been developed to help reduce truck running costs in the long-haul segment. Depending on the choices you or your company make, the computer can calculate the costs and indicate the exact amount you can save if you follow their plan.

MAN Solutions – reduce the TCO of your truck.

Below you'll find an overview of MAN Solutions. It enables truck users to reduce the operating costs of their vehicles significantly. For a detailed description of Solutions you can find it in the TCO-Optimizer.