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MAN TGX Efficientline 2
MAN TGX EfficientLine
MAN TGX EfficientLine – Euro 6 technology

MAN TGX EfficientLine 2: The fuel-saving miracle

The MAN TGX EfficientLine 2 is more environmentally friendly and consumes less fuel than any previous model. When Euro 5 came into force, MAN's TGX EfficientLine set new standards in fuel consumption. Through consistent further developments in efficiency and economy, for example by optimising the driveline and introducing the GPS-controlled MAN EfficientCruise® cruise control, MAN has achieved a further fuel saving of around 2 litres. And this complies with the strict Euro 6 exhaust emissions standard. If you previously saved 18,000 litres, you can now save another 12,000 litres - over a period of 4 years with an annual distance travelled of 150 000 kilometres.

The TGX EfficientLine 2 is the ideal vehicle for countering the huge challenges associated with increased competition, rising diesel prices and more stringent environmental requirements. All new electronic systems for reducing fuel consumption are fitted in the TGX EfficientLine 2 as standard.